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DIY Wall Art

Pinterest graphic with text that reads \"DIY Wall Art\" with a picture of wall art in a dining room in the background.

A while back I found two gold frames at Goodwill for a whopping 0.55 cents each. I’m sure you’ve seen them too – apparently they were a very popular style back in their day. But that day is gone and I knew I could update these relics and turn them into some inexpensive DIY wall art. Check it out!

Sadly, I couldn’t find a before pic to show you these beauties in their natural state. However, picture bright gold (almost yellow) frames with some very dated floral pictures in them. Can you see them? Yep, those are the ones that were likely hanging in half the homes in the US many moons ago. I bet if you take a trip to any thrift store, you can find some similar ones.


  • Frames (I chose round ones for this project but any kind will do)
  • Spray paint (I used this one from Krylon in black with a gloss finish)
  • Vellum paper  (you can find this at craft stores or click here for a choice from Amazon)

And that’s it!

Clean the frames good  and remove the glass. Spray them with two light coats of paint. I use old boxes or wood scraps to lay my projects on when spray painting. Let them dry completely. If your frames are particularly glossy, you can spray them with primer first. This primer from Zinnser is my favorite!

Choose your favorite sayings or printables. I was making these for our dining room, so I chose 2 different blessings. One is the first blessing our children learned and the one I said growing up. And the second is the blessing that came with a family history book that my sweet grandma and her sisters put together one year. This one was “Papa Jim’s” blessing and the one they said growing up.

I typed them into a Word document and tried to space them so they would print out correctly for the round frames. Square frames will probably be much easier. Print them onto the vellum paper, cut to fit your frames, and you’re done!

Super simple, inexpensive DIYs. And under $5 total – not too shabby!

A farmhouse dining room with wall hangings and vintage decor.

A black oval picture frame with a quote inside hanging on a wall.

Two black oval picture frames on a wall with quotes inside.

Two black oval picture frames with quotes inside hang on a wall.