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Master Bedroom Makeover

Welcome to Part 4 of our master bedroom makeover! This is an area that is often last on the list when it comes to updates, but not anymore my friends! So far we have DIY’ed a shiplap feature wall, made new lighting and now it’s time for my favorite part – painting and decorating! Check out how I finished out the makeover including the budget breakdown. You’ll be surprised how little I spent to change the whole look of this room!

This makeover has been a process over a few weeks due to the shiplap taking a bit longer than we expected. And it was a large area to paint. But, it’s such a change and I’m happy we took the time for it.


Master Bedroom Makeover


My original plans (see them here) included as much paint as I could afford for our room. We have a very large master bedroom and paint isn’t cheap! I waited until Sherwin Williams was having a sale and purchased three gallons of their Super Paint in flat finish. We use Panda White because that’s the color of all the trim and doors in our house. I would prefer a brighter white, but again, this is a budget makeover. Can’t go changing everything at once. I got three gallons for $114.42 and supplies (roller covers, paint tray liners..) for about $30. Now, this is a little more than I was planning originally, but I lucked up and sold a piece of furniture that I wasn’t planning on keeping for $100. So boom! We are down to $44.42 for paint.

However, once I started painting, I realized that A. I’m not the world’s best wall painter and B. One coat was all I could manage in a few days. I have enough paint left to go back and do the second coat, but I just couldn’t pick up that roller one more time! The good thing is, it made a big difference even though the budget didn’t allow for the ceiling to be painted yet.


I kept the large pieces of furniture. I sold one that just didn’t quite fit in anymore. I’m planning to paint the large armoire and the night stands, but for now they are fine. I scored a huge trunk at an estate sale for $40 and it now lives at the foot of the bed. It has some dings and scuffs and one of the leather handles broke, but that’s ok – adds to the vintage charm!

A large black vintage trunk with brass hardware at the foot of a bed.

I’m planning to use it for storing all my extra frames and pictures. I have these stuffed in random drawers throughout the house and I think it’ll be good to have them all in one area now.

And I found a beautiful antique table from a neighbor for my little sitting area. I sold the previous one there for $15 so this was a score for the budget.

A wooden side table flanked by two chairs in front of a large window with sheer curtains in a master bedroom.

I’ve got a new to me buffet that no one else wanted and some DIY farmhouse style decor from a few yardsale finds. I added my copper planters from the Target Dollar Spot and some faux greenery. And there’s brown dog himself peering out the window!

A dog stands in front of a window in a master bedroom with white shiplap walls and antique furniture and decor.

An ornate mirror on the wall of a master bedroom with an antique side table underneath.

A bed with a white bedspread, white pillows, and a cream tufted headboard in a room with white shiplap walls.

A tan and white bed with a tufted headboard next to a window with sheer white curtains.

The tufted headboard of a queen bed with white bedding next to a wall-mounted industrial pendant light.


The other main addition to the room is a gorgeous piece of art from a sweet friend. Sadly, she is moving and had to unload a few things before her move. This is one that I was interested in months ago but just didn’t have the money at the time. She gave me a major friend discount on this one and she’s letting me pay her later after I can sell some more furniture! (Thanks Kelly!)

A colorful art piece hangs on a wall next to a window with tan and white sheer curtains.

I threw in some Target faux succulents, and shopped my house for the rest. I added the DIY floral hoop wreath above the bed (you can see the tutorial here)

There are a few things that didn’t get done but overall I am excited about how it turned out. The shiplap and light fixtures made a dramatic impact and didn’t cost me a lot of money. You can check out the shiplap here and the light fixtures here.

A DIY floral hoop wreath hangs on a shiplap wall above the tufted headboard of a queen-sized bed.
A wall-mounted industrial pendant light hangs from a shiplap wall next to a bed with a tufted head board.


  • Shiplap          $143
  • Paint               $44 (originally $144 but I sold a piece of furniture for $100)
  • DIY Lights    $40
  • Trunk             $40
  • Table              $20
  • Accessories $6 (faux succulents from Target and a $1 yard sale silver tray)

 TOTAL:                  $293.00

For less than $300, we transformed this space from this:

Before image of a master bedroom makeover with a large bed that has a cream-colored tufted headboard and white bedding, smooth cream walls, and a sunburst mirror over the bed.

To this:    

A tan and white bed with a tufted headboard next to a window with sheer white curtains.

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