7 Fast Growing Evergreen Trees and Shrubs

We moved into a great house about 5 years ago.  But.  This great house had been completely cleared of all trees.  Which pretty much sucks for this blistering Georgia sun.  So, we’ve been working slowly to add some landscaping that will not only add privacy but shade too!  And bonus points if they stay green all year!  Check out these fast-growing evergreen trees and shrubs you can add to your landscape.

Not all trees and shrubs grow at the same rate.  Some take years!  Case in point – A Gingko tree.  One of the most gorgeous trees around.  In the fall, the leaves are the most stunning yellow color and it has a beautiful shape.  But.  It grows at a snail’s pace.  Like a sloth.  I’ve been in love with these trees for years and finally got one for Mother’s Day one year.  Maybe in another 30 years, I’ll be able to enjoy it!  But back to the point.  Fast growing is what we’re after today!  Not sloths!

7 Varieties of evergreen trees and shrubs that grow quickly #createandfind #evergreentrees #evergreenshrubs #plants
Fast growing trees and shrubs that are evergreen for year round color and privacy! #createandfind #fastgrowingtrees #fastgrowingevergreens #plants
Fast Growing Evergreen Trees and Shrubs - great planting choices to give you evergreen color and privacy year round #createandfind #fastgrowingevergreens #gardening

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Fast Growing Evergreen Trees and Shrubs

Leyland Cyprus

Probably one of the more well-known trees, the Leyland Cyprus grows quickly and stays green year-round.  Once established, they can grow 3 to 5 feet per year!  Plant at least 8-10 feet apart and you’ll have a nice evergreen hedge in a few years.  They can mature up to 50 feet tall and do not have invasive root systems.  The only downside to these giants is when you lose one.  We’ve all seen the gorgeous rows of beautiful Leylands with a dead one in the middle.  However – the good news is since they grow fast, you can replace it.Fast Growing Trees and Shrubs - Leyland Cypress


Since I live in the South, I’m partial to Magnolia trees.  We moved in our house about 5 years ago and there was a tiny Little Gem Magnolia tree on the side of our house.  In no time, it’s grown enough to give us privacy on the corner.  It’s around 15 feet tall at this point and it’s green all year with the most gorgeous dark waxy leaves and big white blooms.  These can get 20 feet tall in around 7 or 8 years!Fast Growing Evergreen Shrubs and Trees - Magnolia

Green Giant Arborvitae

This is one of my all-time favorites.  Green Giant Arborvitae can grow 3-5 feet per year and will make a privacy screen in no time that stays green all year.  Plant them at least 8-10 feet apart to give them room to spread out.  We found a few small ones at a local nursery for around $10 a piece and they are almost blocking the neighbor’s house in a few short years.Green Giant - Evergreen Shrubs


Holly trees can be used as bushes, hedges, trees, and privacy screens.  Nellie Stevens Holly is one of the more popular varieties.  You can plant these on the corner of your home and near a driveway due to a non-invasive root system.  They can get up to 15-25 feet tall and 10-15 feet wide.  Fast growing privacy trees - Holly


These are one of my favorite evergreen shrubs because of the color.  They’re a gorgeous purple shade and at various times in the year, they have beautiful pink flowers.  They grow quickly and they get full!  Give them plenty of room – as in at least 4-6 feet apart when planting.   Make sure to choose a species that grows tall if you’re looking for a hedge or privacy – these include Burgundy, Purple Majesty, and Hines Purpleleaf.  Expect about 10-15 feet tall at mature growth.Fast Growing Evergreen Trees and Shrubs - Loropetalum

Tea Olive (sometimes fast-growing)

These are sweet-smelling gorgeous shrubs with a beautiful green leaf.  The Osmanthus Fragrans or Fragrant Tea Olive produces little, white fragrant flowers in the fall.  We planted a row of these in between our house and the neighbor a few years ago and they are already nearly a privacy hedge! 

However, I included these as “sometimes fast-growing” because it depends where you plant them.  We planted a row in the front yard that is in the vicinity of our septic lines (but not too close) and they are growing like crazy – they’ve tripled in size in just a few short years.  The ones we planted in the back that are farther away from septic lines are growing at a normal pace. 

So – I didn’t want to leave these out because they’re too gorgeous not to include, but just know they might not grow as quickly as some of the others.Fast growing evergreen shrubs and trees - tea olives

Golden Euonymus

Weird name, but a gorgeous evergreen shrub.  If you want some variety in color instead of the typical green, these are it!  Golden Euonymus has a striking yellow/green foliage that stays beautiful year-round.  And they grow fast – they can get 10 feet high and 6 feet wide.  These make an excellent hedge choice as you can shape them how you like and they are fairly easy to care for.Fast Growing Evergreen Shrubs - Euonymus
So there you have it – 7 fast-growing evergreen trees and shrubs you can choose this year and get beautiful plants in no time!  Keep in mind to always pay attention to your planting zone.  Before you invest in landscaping which can add up quickly – make sure you are planting appropriately for your climate. 

 I live in the South (Zone 8A according to the latest maps I could find) so these 7 plants are excellent choices for this planting zone.   You can check yours here!

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Happy Planting and Don’t Forget to Pin It!Fast growing trees and shrubs that are evergreen - year round color and privacy with these 7 choices! #createandfind #evergreenshrubs #evergreentrees

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