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6 Beautiful Purple Flowering Trees

Purple flowering trees are some of the showiest and most beautiful blooms you can add to your landscaping. There are several choices that will give you a variety of blooms for Spring and Summer.

If you want to add dramatic color to your landscaping, purple flowering trees are a perfect choice. Varieties include Jacaranda, Redbud, and Crepe Myrtles to name a few and you’re sure to find one suitable for your planting hardiness zone.

Gorgeous Purple Flowering Trees


Row of purple Flowering Trees - Jacaranda

Jacaranda is a gorgeous purple blooming tree – it needs lots of room to grow, does not like pruning, and they are best suited for warm climates 60 degrees F and above.

  • grows well in zones 9B-11
  • prefers full sun
  • fast-growing – can grow up to 50 feet(15 meters) tall and 40 feet(12 meters) across
  • most blooming occurs in late spring to early summer, however, in warmer areas, the tree can bloom at almost any time
  • mostly drought-tolerant
  • prefers drained, sandy soil – not wet soil
  • the temperature should stay above 60 degrees F(15 degrees C)
  • native from Brazil
  • can grow in colder areas, but are smaller, grow slower, and don’t bloom as well in these areas

Crepe Myrtle

Purple Flowering Trees - Crepe Myrtle

The Crepe Myrtle tree is a popular tree that is perfect for neighborhoods and close to houses, streets, and driveways. It is available in a variety of bloom colors including purple.

  • zones 6-10
  • 20-30 ft tall and 10-15 ft wide
  • full sun-minimum 6 hours
  • bloom July-September
  • flower colors-white, red, purple, pink
  • single or multi-trunk
  • some may seed aggressively in parts of U.S.
  • can be pruned
  • shallow, fibrous root system

Purple Robe Black Locust

Purple Robe Black Locust Tree

The Purple Robe Locust tree is a favorite of bees and butterflies. It has clusters of fragrant deep pinkish-purple blooms and can grow in less than ideal conditions.

  • fast-growing shade tree-2-3 ft per year
  • 40-50 ft tall, 30 ft across
  • drought-tolerant
  • suitable along streets or other narrow spaces
  • needs full sun
  • zone range 4-8
  • needs well-drained soil

Saucer Magnolia

Saucer Magnolia flowers

These beautiful purple flowering trees produce delicate saucer-shaped blooms. They are available in shades of pinkish-purple blooms.

  • zones 4-9
  • 20-30 ft tall, 25 ft across
  • moist soil
  • full sun
  • moderate drought-tolerance
  • blooms in the spring

Eastern Redbud Trees

Redbud blooming

Eastern Redbud Trees are spring blooming purple flowering trees that do not get exceptionally large. They only bloom for a few weeks, but it’s impressive when they do.

  • grows best in moist, well-drained soil
  • zones 4-9
  • 20-30 ft tall, 25-35 ft across
  • tolerates alkaline soils and heavy clays
  • medium growth rate, 13-24 inches per year
  • blooms in April
  • heart-shaped leaves
  • grows in a rounded, vase shape

Vitex Tree

Purple Flowering Trees - Vitex (chaste) tree

Vitex (or Chaste) tree reminds me of a cross between a Crepe Myrtle and a Lilac – it has gorgeous purple blooms that also resemble those of a butterfly bush but the leaves are similar shape to a marijuana plant.

  • blooms from late spring to early fall
  • zone 6-9
  • 15-20 ft tall, 10-15 ft across
  • good choice for southern gardeners as it tolerates heat better than a Lilac
  • full sun to part shade
  • well-drained soil
  • once planted and on track, will almost never need to be watered

Hopefully, you’ve found some ideas for purple flowering trees that will be perfect for your landscaping needs. These are some of the most striking blooming trees from pale lavender shades of the Saucer Magnolia to the vibrant purple of the Jacaranda.

For more fast-growing privacy tree ideas, check out this post on fast-growing trees including River Birch and Green Giant Arborvitae.

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