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5 Minute Thrifty DIY Fall Wreath and Centerpiece with Dollar Store Supplies

I don’t do much traditional fall decorating because we are all about the spooky and creepy decor that comes with Halloween. I just can’t find the time or make time to do a whole fall decor scheme just to turn around and take it down when the ghouls come out. However, I just couldn’t pass up some fall-colored floral stems from the Dollar Tree and Target dollar spot! I spent $10 for a 5-minute thrifty DIY fall wreath and even got a bonus centerpiece with the leftovers! Come see how far $10 goes to add some fall to your house!

5 Minute Thrifty DIY Fall Wreath

I have a grapevine wreath from Hobby Lobby that I’ve had for years. And I use it for every season to make a simple, but pretty wreath for the front door. I found two greenery stems at the Target dollar spot for $3 each and also a $1 stem from Dollar Tree.

Here’s what I started with:

Supplies to make a DIY fall wreath.
A stick wreath and faux fall flowers.

I use wire cutters to trim the stems into individual pieces. The best part about using a grapevine wreath is you can just stick the stems in pretty much any which way and they will stay. No hot glue or floral wire is needed!

Trim all the stems short enough to stick through your wreath and arrange them the way you like. That’s it! A super easy and super cheap way to update the front door for fall! $7 and my wreath is done! Even if you don’t have a grapevine wreath, they are very affordable. A good alternative to the more expensive greenery wreaths that come along this time of year.

And here’s my finished wreath:  Simple, easy, and thrifty. My kind of quick DIY!

A homemade fall wreath with red flowers and green leaves hangs from a front door.

DIY Fall Centerpiece

For my DIY fall centerpiece, I  used my leftover Dollar Tree stems. I found two cream-colored and one orange stem for this one. I have an antique wooden crate from a barn sale and some old Mason jars that pretty much stay on the table year-round.

Again, use wire cutters again to trim the stems, and done! My centerpiece was $3! Not too bad!

A fall dining table centerpiece made from a wooden crate with glass jars and faux flowers.
Fall flowers in two glass jars inside a wooden crate on a dining room table.
Three glass vases with fall flowers inside a wooden crate on a dining room table.

And this will be perfect to tide us over until the creepy skulls and skeletons come out for Halloween. Because let’s face it, my kids couldn’t care less about a floral fall centerpiece or wreath. But they do care about getting all decked out for Halloween. To not blow our budget, this $10, 5-minute thrifty DIY fall wreath and centerpiece is the perfect solution.

Pinterest graphic with text that reads \"Dollar Store Fall Centerpiece\" and a wooden crate with fall flowers in 3 glass vases.