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Indoor Plants You Can Actually Keep Alive!

Just because it’s too cold or too hot outside doesn’t mean you can’t have some amazing greenery inside! I don’t have much of a “green thumb”, but I love the way plants make a space look bright and cheery no matter the temps outside. So indoor plants for me have to be very forgiving! Add some life to your house with these amazing indoor plants that you can actually keep alive!

Plants (whether they’re real or fake) bring a lot of life into your house. Especially when it’s dreary outside and you’re just waiting impatiently on spring again! You don’t need a tropical jungle in your house if you don’t like that, but a few good and sturdy indoor plants like Pothos, Snake Plants, and Aloe are always winners for your decor!

Indoor plants are good for purifying the air in your home, removing toxins, and also great for decor. If you have small kids or pets that like to chew on things, always be sure you’re getting a nontoxic variety.

Amazing Indoor Plants

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We have one plant in our house that has stood the test of time better than anything else. He’s been with us for at least 13 years and he even has a name! Anyone else have an odd habit of naming all the inanimate objects in the house??

This is one of my favorites simply because it’s so easy. Pothos can survive in a corner with low light or thrive next to a window. 

A leafy green indoor plant in a brown pot on a white background.

It will grow long trailing vines (be careful though because it can stick to your paint if you’re not careful!). I’ve repotted ours multiple times over the last 13 years and it survives every time.

You can find Pothos at any garden center and even on Amazon and it’s inexpensive. Give this one a try if you’ve never had indoor plants – you won’t be disappointed.

Aloe Plant

Aloe is another proven winner if you’re a certified “plant killer” like me. It’s easy to grow and easy to find. Pick one up at your local garden center, or order online, grab a pretty pot and some soil and that’s it. Or click the pic below – it even ships in that gorgeous modern planter! 

An aloe vera plant in a copper and white pot on a white background.

Aloe is great to have around for minor burns too – Just snap a piece of the leaves, cut open, and use the gel to soothe minor irritations or burns. Since aloe is a succulent – you don’t need to water this one daily so a little neglect will be ok. Place it in a sunny area and enjoy!


If you tend to neglect plants, do yourself a favor and get succulents! They are very forgiving with water needs! Just wait until the soil is dry before you water again.

And they come in so many varieties of colors and shapes. Bonus points because you can find them at any garden store for very little money. 

Purple and green succulents in black planters on a white background.

They tend to be on the smaller side, but don’t smush them into a tiny planter. Give them a bit of room to spread out. Give them well-drained soil and some sunlight and you’ve got yourself a green thumb!

Succulents are a perfect choice for an indoor house plant – grab some pretty pots and a decorative tray and place it on a windowsill.

Snake Plant

A snake plant is actually a variety of succulent but looks a bit different than your typical low lying succulent plant. It has thick, tough vertical leaves and can tolerate lower light environments. You want to place it near a light source or you’ll notice your leaves growing “leggy” trying to reach the light, but it doesn’t have to sit in direct sunlight. 

Low watering needs and a striking appearance make this one a fabulous indoor plant! In addition, snake plants help to purify your indoor air quality. Win-win!

A green and yellow snake plant in a brown planter on a white background.

And did you also know that these plants are often referred to as “Mother In Laws Tongue”? Hmmm – snakes, mother in law – think on that one.

Parlor Palm

Parlor Palm is another good looking choice for indoor plants. It can tolerate lower light conditions – it will thrive in indirect light. Although it’s not a fast grower, you’ll still get gorgeous color. As with all plants, don’t overwater your Parlor Palm. 

A leafy green parlor palm in a brown planter on a white background.

Water when the soil is dry and give the fronds a mist with some water here and there as it does like humid conditions. Particularly in the winter when the air tends to be dry from heat sources.

Weeping Fig

Weeping Fig is another great choice for indoor plants because it prefers indirect sunlight. Depending on the source of your plant, you may want to plan on repotting into a larger pot to give it room to grow. In ideal conditions, it can grow up to 6 feet tall. 

A weeping fig tree in a black planter on a white background.

Water only when the soil feels dry to the touch and fertilize it every four weeks or so. If you notice yellowing of the leaves, it may signal inadequate feeding.

Fiddle Leaf Fig

A fiddle leaf fig plant in a black planter on a white background.

The Fiddle Leaf Fig is another variety that has gained widespread popularity over recent years. I’ve seen them all over Instagram used as gorgeous home decor. They have compact waxy leaves and look stunning in a pretty planter.

You do need to put this one in a bright space by a window for more light and keep it watered only when it’s dry and make sure it has proper drainage.

Got any favorites I missed or any experiences with the ones I listed – email me at [email protected] and fill me in!

Let me know if you’ve got any tried and true indoor plants that you just can’t kill! They’re great for your air quality and they add life to your house and decorating.

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