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Modern Farmhouse Rugs (You Can Actually Afford!)

Rugs can elevate the look of your room, but they can get expensive. There are no $2000 rugs in this house and since we have kids and a dog, the likelihood that there ever will be a less than thrifty rug here is pretty slim. So I’ve got some modern farmhouse rugs for you – several of these I either own or have owned so I can attest to their quality and they’re affordable!

Many of these rug choices can go with all kinds of styles, not necessarily just farmhouse style. Neutral rugs in particular are great for adding to all decorating styles. Whatever your style, there is a rug for you.

I never knew what a difference a rug makes when you have hardwood floors. Sounds are so much more contained when there’s a rug buffer on the floor. It works wonders to keep the echoes down as well.

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First up is the uber-popular jute rug

Jute is a natural fiber. I’ve owned two different kinds of jute rugs and I loved them. It’s impossible to see dirt due to the varying shades and fibers. I liked how it felt like a mini foot massage when I walked on it.

My hubs completely disagreed. He didn’t care for the texture at all. And they do tend to leave some dust particles underneath, but nothing that can’t be vacuumed. They are generally heavy enough that you don’t need a pad either.

However, this is a style that is not easily cleaned. So beware. I completely broke all the natural fiber cleaning rules when my dog had a pretty bad accident on our jute rug. I draped it over a trailer outside and hosed it down and then used lots and lots of cleaning solution.

It worked – no discoloration and the fibers were fine. Just be wary though – it’s definitely not recommended to soak it. But it was either try it or trash it. So I did.

The second accident from my beloved brown dog was just too much though and the fibers were soaked with stuff we will not mention for your stomach safety. So, unfortunately, it went in the trash. 

Closeup of a modern farmhouse tan jute rug.

I would very much love another one and would buy it in a second, but the hubs kinda refuses at this moment. It is by far my favorite look as far as modern farmhouse rugs go.

A blue and cream jute rug in a living room with a wooden chair and decor.

Next up are vintage inspired rugs:

A gray and white farmhouse rug on a white background.
An ornate blue and gray rug on a white background.

There are no authentic vintage rugs on this list – you can buy them for sure, but not on my budget to my knowledge. The first one is similar to a few that I have and I love it. The variations in pattern/color are a dream come true for disguising dirt and even crumbs under the dining room table! The faded out areas also help to keep it from looking worn so quickly.

Next up – Bold Colors!

A decorative area rug with pink, teal, and yellow details.
A large navy blue, teal, red, and orange area rug on a white background.
Close-up of a teal and orange area rug on a light wood floor.
A black and red area rug on a white background.

These are popping up everywhere lately in modern farmhouse designs. I heard someone refer to their style as vintage modern (which I love!) and this is what comes to mind for vintage modern farmhouse rugs. I love the colors and especially if you have neutral walls and furnishings, these can add a bold pop of color that looks stunning!

There are plenty of great affordable options when choosing a rug, even at larger sizes. Rugs are one of my favorite ways to add some major style and personality to a room and modern farmhouse rugs like these are the perfect way to do just that!

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