Simple Spring Decorations

Spring is on my mind!  I don’t completely change out all my decorations for every season for many reasons.  But I do like to freshen it up a bit around the house when it starts to get warmer out.  And this year I’m going with simple spring decorations.

Since I don’t completely redecorate for each season, I use a lot of rearranging and shopping my house. My simple spring decorations are just that. Simple. It’s easy, affordable, and a very practical approach to decorating.

I certainly can’t go buying all new stuff every season, and I don’t think I would want to.  I’m trying to be more intentional with what I bring into my house – if I don’t love it, use it, or need it – it can’t live here.  I’m working on an 8 Week Declutter Challenge and it wouldn’t make sense to go bringing a bunch of stuff in.  

But, I did find a few budget friendly spring decorations to add this year that I can use more than one season.

Simple Spring Decorations

When you come in the front door of our house, it’s wide open and the dining room is on the left and office on the right.  My dining room is typically pretty neutral – blacks, creams, tans.  

But I’ve been inspired by green this year – maybe it’s because green just screams spring to me.  So here we go!  Green, black (which I know is a little unconventional for spring, but it’s my favorite color), white, and a sprinkle of pink here and there.

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Dining Room

In my dining room I wanted to change out my neutral vintage prints for something colorful.  But – 11×14 artwork can get pretty expensive.  So I found 4 similar pics on and had them printed at Wal-Mart.  

This was the least expensive print job I could find at $21 for four 11×14 prints. However, I will say that each of them is a smidge too wide and I had to use a cutter to trim about 1/4″ inch off so they would fit into my cheapo frames.  

But I am so happy with how they look – even my kiddos noticed them as soon as they came home from school.  Pexels is a fantastic source of free photos.

And that little black and white jar thingy (pretty sure it has a more sophisticated term) is from the Target Dollar Spot.  Well played Target.  Gets me every time.  

And these flowers have been my go-to for decor!  Ten bucks for a bouquet of these pretties and I don’t have to worry about forgetting to buy fresh flowers!  I moved my green glass collection from the office to the vintage medical cabinet.  Free decorating for the win.

simple spring decorating ideas
spring decorating ideas
home tour simple spring decorations
simple spring decorating ideas dining room

The new table runner is an IKEA find and you can find the details on my super simple DIY Spring Art here.

Entry Way

Nothing much changed in the entry way except for the addition of some faux greenery from Target , IKEA, and those same faux peonies.  This antique buffet is one of my favorite pieces and I’m really thinking about lightening it up with some paint.  

I’d love to know your thoughts on this!  My hubs is completely against it, but to me it just kind of fades away into the floor.  

Of course, I’ve got a little collection of animals too.  Dog statue I bought because it reminds me of my sweet Charlie, the bull was a gift from France from my BFF, and the sweet little llama also came from her.  She also found the vintage tulip crate – clearly she’s a keeper BFF!

simple spring decorating entry way
simple spring decorations

Living Room

The darker colored throws got moved upstairs and made way for an inexpensive new one from IKEA, a few green pillows, new $4 pillows from IKEA, and faux flowers.  Can you see a pattern here?  

I kill real plants.  I wish I didn’t.  But there.  I said it.  #plantkiller   So faux is my friend.  

And that sweet little pottery bowl on the coffee table is from a fund-raiser that my kids’ school participates in every year.  It’s called Empty Bowls and funds go to the food pantry.  

Each kid from two surrounding elementary schools creates a bowl and when you go to the dinner, you get to pick one out to take home.  This is my favorite with the most perfect spring colors.

And those green handled bottles were a Christmas treat from Hobby Lobby – I don’t believe they carry them anymore though.

Simple Spring decorations hobby lobby bottles
spring decorating ideas living room
spring decorating ideas living room
spring decorating ideas living room
spring decorating ideas living room

spring tour

Finally, the Spring Breakfast Area

We use the breakfast area daily for breakfast and lunches, but we use the dining room for dinner.  And no, my table never looks like this.  Ever.  But it sure does for a pic.  My kids came home and said, “whoa!  Why is all this stuff here?”.  It’s usually got a leftover dried-up piece of cereal or a milk splatter.  

I used an old pedestal from the dollar spot and faux greenery.  That sign is from Between You and Me Signs and it’s one of my most favorite pieces.  It was a birthday gift a few years ago and it makes me smile daily.  

The Agronomy sign is a vintage store find and I bought it because my grandma retired from the Cooperative Extension Service in Athens, GA so there was no way that one wasn’t coming home with me.  

Last, the chandelier is another vintage store find that I got for Mother’s Day a few years ago.

spring breakfast area
simple spring decorations

And I actually struggled to link any products for you for this home tour.  I realize that the majority of my stuff is either thrift stores, hand-me-downs, IKEA, or from the Target Dollar Spot.

In fact, I think the most expensive thing I used in my simple spring decorations this year is a $10 pillow cover from IKEA.  Are you sensing a pattern here?  

It can be pretty discouraging when I look at a gorgeous room and think to myself – there’s no way I can afford to spend $100 on a tray or $50 on a vase.  My furniture is either Craigslist (hello $150 sofa!), yard sale ($10 chair in my office), hand me down (buffet in my dining room that is actually a dresser, but whatever), or outlets.

Happy Spring and definitely check out all the other bloggers below.

I’m excited to be participating in the Color Loving Spring Home Tour with several other talented bloggers.  A special thanks to Carrie from LovelyEtc for hosting!   Be sure to check out all the colorful and fun inspiration at the end of the post.

spring home tour

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32 thoughts on “Simple Spring Decorations”

    1. Thanks Meg! That green would look perfect in your house. I’m drawn to it every time – can’t wait to check out all the other blogs this weekend!

    1. Thank you Wendy! Isn’t it funny how real those faux peonies look?? Definitely grab some! I think they are actually a wedding bouquet but they work perfectly!

  1. Everything looks so fresh and spring-y! Those peonies had me totally fooled at first! They looks so real!! And I am right there with you on being a #plantkiller…. I want indoor plants to like me, but…..
    What a fun touches you added! And it looks like a great hone tour group! Can’t wait to check out some other homes too!

    1. Thanks Morgan! Those peonies are a steal! Ten bucks and I divided them out and spaced them around the house. Until they are dusty and old, you’ll be seeing those around here!

  2. First of all, love how real you’re keeping it with mentioning how your table usually looks! I live in a tiny space so my dining table is where I take all my photo shoots, but it’s usually covered with 5 half-painted items and/or various other unfinished projects of mine! Lucky we’re not an eat at the table kind of couple.

    Also, I adore these decorations! They’re really making me sad that it’s currently gone into Autumn where I live. I might have to pick up some fake flowers to put around so I don’t feel left out 😂

  3. Everything looks so fresh and lovely – you’d never know the flowers and greenery weren’t real! I love those free photos you had printed and that sign in your breakfast room is fabulous! Thanks for joining in the tour!

    1. Thanks Carrie and thanks for hosting! I’m amazed at how much faux flowers have changed over the years! And my husband jokes with me that we don’t have to have a sign on every wall!

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  5. Melissa, beautiful tour! Love that gallery wall, and yup, fellow plant killer here, so I’m excited to see faux flowers that look so realistic! And thanks for sharing about Pexels- I have definitely got to check that out!

    1. Thanks Beth – you should definitely check out Pexels – they have so many cool photos to choose from and it’s so easy! I have one live plant that’s been alive for a million years, but everything else inside is fake. I’m doing good to keep the kids fed and watered – ha!

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    1. Thanks Krista – it’s so nice to have some colors around here! I’m mostly a neutral color person, but I think I may be changing my style a bit!

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    1. Thank you Rachael! I’m impressed with the quality of these for sure. And happy to be touring with all of you – lots of gorgeous inspiration!

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