DIY Dollar Store Planter Makeover

If you love thrifty outdoor decorating then this one’s for you!  I popped in the Dollar Tree recently and found this amazing metal planter for $1.  That’s right – $1!  It’s shiny metal in its original $1 state, but not for long.  Come along to see my DIY dollar store planter makeover.  All you need are a few supplies –  spray paint, dirt, rocks, and some flowers.

Don’t overlook the dollar store when you’re shopping for new decor.  Even if you don’t love it at first, if you can spend a few dollars and updating it the way you want – it’s so worth it!

DIY Dollar Store Planter Makeover

So here’s the original $1 version:

DIY dollar store planter makeover with spray paint

Not bad, but not exactly my style. I did a thrifty little summer porch update recently and I’m going for more of a vintage, farmhouse style look.  You can see my $12 thrift challenge update – click here.  So I thought I would keep with the farmhouse style look and change this shiny metal into something with a little more vintage feel.

I dug through my spray paint in the garage and gave it a quick coat of oil rubbed bronze paint.  But, it just wasn’t screaming summer to me at this point.

DIY dollar store planter makeover with spray paint

So I let it dry for about 20 minutes and then sprayed a quick thin coat of turquoise.  Mine is Valspar “exotic sea” but any fun color will work.  And I purposely did a thin coat because I knew I would sand it afterwards to “age” it a bit.   I let the blue dry for about 20 minutes and then used a sanding block to go over the whole surface lightly.  I paid special attention to the raised letters to get some of the bronze color to come through.  And wallah!

DIY Dollar store planter makeover with spray paint

Throw in some dirt and rocks and any flowers you want. I opted for a faux succulent stem and some faux flowers I had on hand. The flowers were part of a bunch from Hobby Lobby a few months ago and I just snipped off two small sections and added them to my planter. I used faux over real for this one because A. I’ll forget to water it if it’s real, B. It’s going inside the crate so it won’t get very much sun and C. I had these on hand already. The rocks are from a previous project and are also $1 for a bag!

It turned out a little brighter than I wanted, but it will fade with all the direct sunlight in the afternoon.  I’m kicking myself for not buying two of these little $1 pretties!  It was the perfect addition to my summer porch makeover.

dollar store planter makeover with spray paint

Don’t overlook something that’s so inexpensive just because you don’t love the color or finish. Spray paint is a cost effective way of completely changing the look.

Do you have any favorite dollar store makeovers?  Comment and let me know!

28 thoughts on “DIY Dollar Store Planter Makeover”

    1. Thanks Shan! I really wish I’d bought another one! I saw several Pinterest ideas to age them instead of painting and I’d like to try that too!

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  5. I’ve been looking for a planter like that at my local dollar store and haven’t found anything! I love what you did with it! The blue is perfect!

  6. Hey Melissa! I finally had a minute to sit down and go through some of your blog. LOVE IT! Signed up for my updates. 🙂 I had to comment on this planter because this is now the third one of these planters I have seen redone and they are all so different. I love what you did to it. Loving the colour! For the price they are so versatile. BTW your dog is adorable!

    1. Thanks so much Debbie! And I am kicking myself for not getting more than one of these! I’ve also seen some pretty cool variations of this one! Glad you are following along!! Can’t wait to keep up with you as well.

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