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19 Ways to Make Your Own Planters

There are so many creative ways to make your own planters. Whether you’re an expert gardener or just want to add a few flowers to your porch, there’s a DIY planter for you! Check out these inspiring ideas below.

You can make your own planters from wood, upcycled materials, spray paint your old planters, craft a planter out of a trash can, build a raised flower bed, or vegetable planter – just to name a few ideas.

Planters can get expensive so if you can save a little cash by making your own, why not? You can be as creative as you’d like and then add your favorite herbs or flowers.

19 Creative Ideas to Make Your Own Planters

There’s a little something for everyone – whether you need a DIY Planter for a tiny succulent or a larger planter box for vegetables. Get creative and crafty by making your own planters.

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Monday 6th of July 2020

Beautiful planters!

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Tuesday 7th of July 2020

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