Painting Terra Cotta Pots – How To Make This Easy DIY!

Painting terra cotta pots is an easy DIY project that you can do in one afternoon.   You can find these pots at virtually any dollar store, Target, Wal-Mart, or any home and garden store.  Thrift stores and junk stores are great places to find them too and will definitely save you a few bucks!

This project is easy and 100% customizable to your style. Painting terra cotta pots is a thrifty decor project that you can do to update or upcycle old planters while adding fun new decor to your home.

This is a simple DIY that you can do in less than an hour after your pot is clean.   Budget-friendly and simple are my favorite kinds of DIYs.  I was inspired by one of my Target Dollar Spot finds and thought I could make something similar by painting a terra cotta pot! 

Painting Terra Cotta Pots

This pot is perfect for my newly refreshed spring dining room.  Since I’m a certified plant killer, I’m adding some faux greenery to my happy little planter.

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Supplies for Painting Terra Cotta Pots

Simple Instructions

  • Make sure your pot is clean and dry
  • Paint a base color and let it dry fully (don’t forget to paint down inside the pot a few inches)
  • Use a contrasting color (I chose black) to freehand a few wavy lines around your pot. Or whatever pattern appeals to you.
  • Let dry
  • Cut a length of twine, burlap, ribbon, or fabric to line the top rim of your pot.
  • Attach with hot glue or any other adhesive you prefer
  • Add faux greenery and for a fun touch, use letter tiles tied with embroidery for a whimsical saying.

How to Makeover Terra Cotta Pots

Make sure your pot is clean and dry.  Mine was left outside for a bit so I washed it thoroughly with soap and water.  Terra cotta pots really soak up water so it took a full day to dry.

Paint your base color and let it dry – I originally thought I’d leave it white, however,  it was just too plain and I want to dress it up like my Target find.

Painting terra cotta pots dollar store makeover

I used a small brush and free-formed some wavy lines around the pot.  I was inspired by my most recent Target dollar spot jar for this step. It had an interesting imperfect design of the lines. 

My hubs thought I just couldn’t paint a straight line until I told him I intended for it to look that way!

Painting Terra Cotta Pots - Planter Makeover

 Next, cut a length of ribbon, burlap, or whatever else you want to line the top of the pot with. Then use the glue gun to attach it to the pot.

Planter Makeover - Painting terra cotta pots

And next,  I used my letter tiles from the craft store to spell out “hi” and tied each with some embroidery thread.

painting terra cotta pots

Finaly, add any greenery or flowers that you like.  Succulents are a good choice if you have a black thumb like this girl.  Plus, they require very little watering.  Hang your letters on the pot and done!

Painting terra cotta pots is such an affordable way to add some new decor to your house without spending big bucks.  And planters can get expensive! I originally shared this post on The Crazy Craft Lady Blog as a contributor. I’m so excited to share it with you!

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painting terra cotta pots - simple makeover

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