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7 Easy DIY Farmhouse Style Planters

Learn how to save money and make your own planters. If you’re into DIY and farmhouse style (and saving a little cash as well), check out my thrifty decorating ideas for outside. Here are 7 easy DIY farmhouse style planters that will update your outdoor spaces without breaking the bank.

You can find pretty much all the easy DIY farmhouse planter supplies at thrift stores, Goodwill, your Grandma’s basement, or wherever else you can find a deal! If it can hold soil, you can pretty much make it a planter!

7 DIY Farmhouse Style Planters

Vintage Toolbox Planter

If you can score a vintage toolbox at a junk store or in someone’s basement, grab it! If you don’t need it for tools, it makes the perfect planter. This is one of my favorite additions to my porch.

I’ve used all kinds of different flowers and plants that do well in containers and it brings the perfect amount of rustic charm!

A planter made from an old craftsman toolbox on a porch.

Enamelware Bowl Planter

I’ve been fortunate to snag a few of these old enamelware bowls at vintage stores for cheap. Even better if they’ve rusted through with a few holes – you won’t even need to drill for drainage! I’ve used them for succulents, and varying plants over the years.

Make your own planter with vintage enamelware for farmhouse style
Thrift store planters on a blue shelf outside.

Watering Can Planters

Another good one to keep your eye out for at junk stores is an old watering can. You’ll need to drill a few drainage holes in the bottom. I added Portulaca to mine and they love it in their new little home.

The more rustic the better if you’re going for farmhouse-style planters!

Vintage metal watering can planter on a blue shelf.
Metal watering can with white and pink flowers inside on a blue shelf.

 Dollar store Planter Makeover

This is a Dollar Tree planter makeover that cost me virtually nothing! I scored this one for $1 at the Dollar Tree one year and I’m kicking myself for not buying more than one!

A teal metal planter that says \"Flowers & Garden\" on the front with flowers and succulents inside.

Vintage Wagon Planter

I got this vintage wagon from a family member’s basement. It’s old and rusty and the perfect addition to my patio for planting flowers. Word to the wise – I forgot to drill holes the first time and had to go back and do it.

So if you don’t have rusted-out holes in the bottom, make sure to add some for proper drainage. Add some flowers that love the sun and you’ve got a vintage-style planter!

A red wagon with dirt and flowers growing inside.
DIY little red wagon planter with yellow and pink flowers inside.

Old Terra Cotta Pots

You can find old terra cotta planters at most junk stores, or if that’s not an option, pick them up for cheap at any garden store. I used a dry brush technique to whitewash these and added a few faux lavender stems. Indoors or outdoors, these are perfect for farmhouse style decor.

Whitewashed vintage ceramic planters on wooden crates on a front porch.
Whitewashed vintage ceramic planters on wooden crates.

Paint Bucket Planter

I found this Behrens paint bucket at Lowes for a few bucks – throw in some succulents and rocks and done! Instant planter! And it won’t bother me to leave it outside and let it age.

Same thing with the drainage holes though – add some to the bottom so your plants don’t drown. Most plants don’t like soggy roots.

Several metal planters with flowers on a blue shelf outside.

I added these fun planters to my outdoor plant shelf. That’s a story of a hard lesson learned with what to use when painting something for outdoor use. You can read all about my Plant Shelf Makeover and avoid a disaster like I had!

Blue planter shelf with several flower arrangements outside.

It doesn’t take much money to add some style to your outdoor spaces. And who doesn’t love saving money?? Check the flea markets, Craigslist, vintage stores, junk stores, grandma’s basement – wherever. You can find some really cool inexpensive things to repurpose into planters.

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Happy planting!


Tuesday 13th of March 2018

Such great ideas! I personally love the flowers coming out of the watering can. So cute!


Tuesday 13th of March 2018

Thanks Wendy - I can't wait till it's warm enough to fill them up with flowers again!