Simple Spring Dining Room

Spring is definitely one of my favorite times of the year.  This week, I’m excited to be sharing a little more of my spring decorating.  We spend a lot of time in our dining room and it was time for a refresh from all the neutrals in there.  Check out our simple sping dining room.

So this week it’s all about a simple spring dining room.  Nothing fancy or extravagant.  Just some simple changes to add some color to our house.  I keep things pretty neutral but lately, I’ve been craving some color.  Who knows?  Maybe my style is changing yet again.  

I shared more of my simple spring decorations last week throughout our house, and now on to another room.  I know there are plenty of families that don’t use their dining room, but we use it almost nightly.  It’s filled with afternoon sun and it’s one of my favorite rooms in the house.  

And this year, I brought some changes in here with some faux flowers and plants, a new table runner, some new artwork, lighter curtains, and a pretty spring DIY wall art project.

Simple Spring Dining Room

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Dressing the Windows

The biggest change in the room is the addition of some new, lighter curtains.  We had more of a khaki color previously and these are cool white – definitely brightens things up a bit.  

My husband thinks I’m nuts because they don’t block light, only filtered on the sides – he doesn’t get the whole point that they’re for decorating, not function in this room.  They look like linen, but they’re not which means they are also budget-friendly!  

And they’re currently a hot mess of wrinkles because I just took them out of the package today and I don’t iron or own a steamer, so hopefully, they will fall out soon.  #reallife

simple spring dining room
simple spring dining room

Affordable Spring Flowers

I also wanted to add some flowers here, but let’s get real.  However, I don’t buy fresh flowers often.  I just don’t think about it when I’m shopping and then if I do buy them, I forget to water them.  Generally, I’ll wait on my rose bushes or hydrangeas to bloom and I use those.  

So enter these amazing faux peonies I found on Amazon.  They’re actually a wedding bouquet, but whatever.  I divided them out and scattered them around the house.  

I use mason jars, old bottles, or whatever random vase I have lying around. Spaghetti sauce and taco sauce jars are perfect for flowers.  Wash them good, use a little olive oil to get the sticky label off, and done!  I think I’ll get another bouquet in white and pretend I’m a fresh flower kind of girl.

simple spring dining room
simple spring dining room faux peonies

curtains faux peonies table runner table

Faux Greenery

I added some faux greenery from IKEA and dropped it into a 0.49 bucket also from IKEA and called it a day for the buffet.  And speaking of the “buffet”.  It’s clearly not a buffet, but I also think you can use whatever works in your house.  

This piece is a hand-me-down dresser from my Grandma that got what felt like 2 months worth of sanding and I use it to store all my china.  It’s one of my favorite pieces and fits the space better than a full china cabinet would.

simple spring dining room buffet

simple spring dining room ikea greeneryDIY Art

I use a good deal of black in my house and I had a black sign on the wall before this.  But I wanted something lighter and preferably with some greenery so I tried my hand at a DIY Spring Art recently and for a first try with mitered corners, it turned out pretty good!

diy spring art project shiplap diy frame greenery

Lots of Green Accents

I relocated lots of green glass from around the house into my vintage medical cabinet.  That’s the first thing you should do when you want to redecorate a space – shop your house!  It’s amazing what you can do with your own stuff!  

Most of my green glass is either gifted to me from my mother-in-law – a few of the pieces belonged to her mother, or thrifted.  Some people are clothes hoarders, I’m a green glass hoarder.

spring dining room vintage medical cabinet

Affordable Spring Art

And my favorite addition to the dining room is my new prints for the wall.  I mentioned these last week in my Simple Spring Decorations post.  I had some black and white vintage prints from a junk store, but I wanted more color.  The problem with finding 4 art prints in 11×14 is it can get pricey.  

Enter – it’s a fabulous resource for free prints.  I simply searched for green and white plants, found 4 that I liked, and had them printed at Wal-Mart. This was the cheapest I could find 4 prints at around $21.  Pop them in my inexpensive black frames and done!  

I don’t use a whole lot of color in my house, but art is an easy way to add some great new colors without spending a ton of cash.

spring dining room
Spring dining room

Simple Spring Dining Room Decorating

A special thanks to Jenna from Wife In Progress Blog for hosting the Styled For Home Spring Home Tour.   I hope you enjoyed our simple spring dining room with greens, blacks, and neutrals. And if you’re visiting from Kelly’s beautiful home at The Tattered Pew, welcome!  Isn’t her style amazing??

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    1. Thanks Meg! Those peonies are one of my favorite purchases lately – $10 bucks and I’ve got them scattered around the house. And my “black thumb” won’t kill them!

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    1. Thank you Sherry! Same here! And I was undecided on the curtains at first because they’re still neutral, but much brighter. I think they are keepers though!

  6. I just loved your dining room! Those peonies look so real! I love peonies too and have never thought to look on Amazon so thank you! Loved touring with you!

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  10. Those faux peonies are so lifelike. Love them! And, your sideboard is beautiful. I really like the fresh touches of green. My favorite though is those prints! I will be checking out that source. Really gorgeous!

    1. Thanks so much Maureen. I’m embracing some color in my house finally after years of mostly neutral. And yes – definitely check out the prints. There are so many to choose from!

  11. Melissa, I love your pretty and understated Spring decor! Your dining room is beautiful!
    Love your buffet. I use a tv stand from Target for mine 😉

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    1. Thank you Susan – I’m loving the brighter feel of the curtains for sure. And nope – I tell mine he’s a caveman all the time, a keeper for sure, but a caveman.

  13. Nothing like white curtains. They are a great way to make a room brighter! My husband is always asking “why do you have to change this again?”. He’s kind of boring, but don’t let him know i said that! I love your writing style!

    1. Ha! Sounds like our husbands have a lot in common! Mine always asks me when we are just going to leave stuff like it is – ummmm, never! And thanks for the compliment!

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  19. Your dining room is gorgeous! It lets in plenty of light, and it seems really simple, but there’s also something really classic and elegant about it with all the wood tones. Those prints on the wall are my favorite part of the room, and your flowers look very pretty. Thanks also for the reminder to shop your house first! It’s hard to remember that sometimes with all the product lines on sale. Nice job!

    1. Thank you Lela! I get tired of moving stuff to dust so sometimes simple works better! And I agree about the prints – such an affordable way to change things up.

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