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Stunning DIY Shiplap Walls

Stunning DIY Shiplap Walls

Fixer Upper is over, but that doesn’t mean we can’t keep embracing our inner JoJo and loving shiplap! Now I know – this trend isn’t for everyone. In fact, I’ve seen several comments that shiplap will be the pine paneling of the of the past. And everyone will be scrambling to undo all these planked walls in the future. Who knows? All I know is I love this trend. To me, it’s timeless and classic and looks amazing. And it’s completely doable for all you DIY’ers out there! Check out these stunning DIY shiplap walls and get your own planks on the wall!

You don’t have to commit to a house full of shiplap or even a whole room. Sometimes all you need is a focal point. From whole rooms to accent walls, you’ll find some inspiring ideas here.

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Fixer Upper Style Shiplap Walls - Tips and Tutorials
Stunning ideas and tutorials for creating shiplap walls!
DIY Shiplap Walls - Tutorials and How To Guides to make your own!
DIY Shiplap Walls - Inspiration and tutorials to make your own!

DIY Shiplap Walls - Tutorials and Instructions to add your own!

Stunning DIY Shiplap Walls

Here’s a perfect example of a small area that is transformed with shiplap. Proof that you can add even tiny doses of this trend for a huge impact. Janice from Sawdust Sisters has step by step instructions and my favorite part is the distressed character she gave the wood!Stunning Examples of DIY ShiplapAnd shiplap doesn’t have to be white. Just check out this fantastic update to a pair of dated bifold doors from Jess at Bright Green Door. Not only did she update the look completely with shiplap and one of the best blue/green paint colors, but also made the doors more functional for her room. DIY Shiplap for Closet DoorsMy amazing friend Wendy from At Lane and High has one of my favorite laundry rooms now thanks to her DIY shiplap walls! It was part of a $100 room challenge which proves you can add this fun trend on a budget! She’s got a fantastic tutorial and even a PDF you can download for your own shiplap project! DIY Shiplap Tutorials - Laundry Room Another fabulous budget friendly shiplap idea that I want to try in my own house is from Sara at Twelve on Main. Sara has incredible style and vision and she DIY’ed a creative “reverse shiplap” wall for a bathroom makeover and it’s fantastic!Stunning Examples of Shiplap Kim at Farmhouse Made shows how to add major character to builder grade homes with her gorgeous shiplap entryway. I love all the farmhouse touches she’s added to an otherwise plain entryway. And I’m completely smitten with her foyer light! DIY Shiplap TutorialsI created our own shiplap wall in our budget friendly master bedroom makeover! It still makes me smile every time I see it. It was hard work, but well worth the effort!DIY Shiplap Wall - Master Bedroom Budget Makeover And if you’re wondering how to get all that shiplap painted correctly, check out Ashley from Domestic Imperfection. I am in love with her house and there is no shortage of shiplap! It’s gorgeous!Shiplap WallsAnd this is one you don’t see too much of, but it’s one of my absolute favorite walls! Nicole from The Inspired Hive worked wonders on a kitchen accent wall with “skinnylap” and it’s stunning. She’s got all the details on where to get it and how to install. skinny lap feature wallEmily’s guest room is amazing with this shiplap accent wall and I love the unexpected color – proving shiplap doesn’t always have to be white! And her tutorial from Table and Hearth is fantastic – all the details you need to create your own wall!shiplap accent wall And finally – if you’re just not into a permanent shiplap wall, but love the look – consider “faux shiplap”. My good friend Natalie from NeliDesign recently did this in her basement area and she’s got tons of tips on how to get the look! faux shiplap

There are so many variations and creative ways to use the shiplap trend in your own home. Whether you like wide planks, skinnylap, faux, or reverse, there are so many ways to do DIY shiplap walls.

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10 Incredible Shiplap Walls - Tips and tricks for adding your own shiplap feature walls!