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Seven Stunning Ways to Add Farmhouse Style

Farmhouse style has become one of the hottest design trends The good news is you can easily incorporate this style no matter what kind of house you have. I’m a firm believer that if you love it and it works for you and your house, then go for it. Check out these 7 stunning ways to add farmhouse style and get some ideas for your own house!

Even if you don’t have that perfect white farmhouse on 20 acres of gorgeous land, it’s easy to add a few details here and there to add some farm charm! Adding farmhouse style can be as simple as a furniture piece, art, or as detailed as adding shiplap walls.

This list could go on and on. One of the reasons I love it so much is there aren’t really any rules. Add a few elements, or change up a whole room. If the idea of major DIY projects isn’t your thing, there are plenty of other ways to incorporate farmhouse style in your house.

7 Stunning Ways to Add Farmhouse Style

My Grandma grew up in a small white farmhouse that still stands on her land to this day. It’s not exactly liveable at the moment, but it used to have so many of these elements that I love so much.

Of course I didn’t appreciate it as a kid when we had to live there temporarily with no a/c or heat. One stove in the living room that you had to light the pilot light to get it going and one in the bathroom. The a/c consisted of box fans in the doors and windows. But, it does have one thing that just defines farmhouse style in my opinion:


Yep – shiplap. Now my Grandma’s farmhouse likely has real shiplap. But, you can get the look of shiplap or planked walls using regular old supplies from the home and garden store.

Beware though –  if you change your mind, it’s not as simple as removing a pillow or replacing a couch. These boards are attached to the sheet rock using liquid nails, nails, or some other adhesive that will be pretty darn frustrating to take down.

White shiplap bedroom wall with a bed and hoop wreath with greenery.

I added a DIY Shiplap wall to our master bedroom and I actually had a few people tell me I’d regret that when it was time to take it down. Meh. It’s a wall. I’ve taken on plenty of DIY projects that weren’t the most fun.

It added just enough farmhouse style to our bedroom and I still love that wall every single time I walk in my room. Will I change my mind in 5-10 years? Who knows? I’ll cross that bridge if I come to it.

White shiplap walls in a dining room with white cloth-covered chairs, a farmhouse wall sign, and a faux tree in the corner.

Another stunning shiplap example comes from Sarah, the blogger behind Little Red Brick House. She’s got an amazing tutorial for adding shiplap in her dining room and her style does not disappoint! Definitely check it out if you’re considering adding this farmhouse style element to your home. I just can’t get over her industrial farmhouse dining room!

And shiplap has become super popular for laundry rooms! If you’re not up for a whole room, a smaller space like the laundry room is perfect for adding shiplap farmhouse style! Check out my friend Wendy from At Lane and High.

She completely revamped her laundry room for the $100 room challenge and it’s one of my favorite makeovers! She’s inspired my next shiplap project for my own laundry room!

Farmhouse style shiplap walls in a laundry room with a washer and dryer and white cabinets.

Dutch Doors

Now I know that dutch doors aren’t typically farmhouse style. But, this is going back to my Grandma’s farmhouse.

She had this amazing little back porch (and I mean little) at the top of a few concrete steps. To actually get into the kitchen, you had to step up again and go through a dutch door. The bottom half was solid and the top half was paned with glass with the little hook to keep it closed.

I can’t tell you how many times we came swinging through those doors – I bet we drove her crazy! I’ve loved those doors ever since. And I’ve seen them on lots of my favorite Instagrammers farmhouse pics.

One of the cheeriest dutch doors comes from Jen at Tatertots & Jello– it doesn’t get much happier than a bright yellow dutch door! Wait till you see the before and after of her porch – it’s an amazing transformation!

A porch with a bright yellow Dutch-style door and a yellow table and chairs with chevron pillows.

Antique Furniture

This one is pretty much my favorite way to incorporate some farmhouse style into your home. Check out any vintage or junk store and you’re bound to find some amazing antique furniture. Leave it as is or paint it.

Chippy and worn – all the better. I’ve done a lot of furniture refinishing over the years and I can tell you (and I’m totally going to sound like an old lady) but they just don’t make furniture like they used to.

Part of this stems from the notion that things aren’t made to keep forever anymore. We change our minds and our styles all the time. My Grandma has had the same furnishings for decades. And most of it still looks perfect. But even if you find something that doesn’t exactly fit your style, paint is a game-changer.

Check out this vintage dresser makeover I just completed. It’s an antique and in perfect condition. A little paint and it’s “modern vintage” now.

An antique dresser in front of a flight of stairs in a home.

And if you want some major inspiration for vintage furniture, look no further than Jen from Finn and Bo She has my all time favorite furniture account on Instagram and I love everything she puts a paint brush to.

Proof that those great antique furniture pieces are out there if you’re willing to look! Just drool over some of her gorgeous work and definitely check out her Insta page. Amazing!

An antique wooden sideboard in front of a white shiplap wall with a white planter and lavender plant.

Mix woods and whites on furniture for a classic farmhouse style look like this buffet makeover:

A farmhouse antique side board with green plants in a white planter and glass jars.

Signs and Wall Art

Words, lyrics, quirky sayings – all of these are super popular now on wooden or vintage signs. People love things they can relate to, that have meaning for them, and that elicit emotions. If you can snag a great wooden sign or an old metal vintage sign, this is an easy way to add some farmhouse style without spending too much or any DIY.

One of my favorite places for amazing signs is Etsy. I have this one and this one that I received as gifts and they are two of my most favorite decor items ever. They have special meaning to me and just make my heart happy.

A large rectangular farmhouse-style sign with black printed text and a wooden frame on the wall of a dining room.

You can find lots of amazing sings on Etsy, ones that are just beautiful, with a true vintage feel and solid craftsmanship. Here are some great ideas, like this one, to bring some farmhouse style home.

Sheet music in a rustic wooden frame next to an antique green glass vase.

And if wooden signs aren’t your thing, why not go for something quirky or eclectic or even make something up on your own. There are tons of sign makers on Etsy that will let you design your own like this one or you can purchase something already made like this one  You can even make your own cool metal sign like Brittany from Pretty Handy Girl. I love how simple and easy this turned out and it would be a great DIY project for any skill level.

A metal sign with the number \"41\" in black stickers.

Or check out this amazing DIY from my friend Natalie at NeliDesign. This DIY vintage map is one of my most favorite DIYs from the $100 room challenge. She did a fantastic job and gives you all the step by step instructions to make your own.

A vintage map of Spain in a rustic wooden frame.


Wreaths are an easy way to bring in farmhouse style to your home without altering any walls or furniture. And pretty inexpensive to change out if you decide you aren’t feeling it in a few years. DIY one or buy one if you aren’t into doing it on your own. Here’s some of my faves from simple DIY to store-bought.

Chelsea from Making Manzanita has one of the most gorgeous DIY farmhouse style wreaths with details on how to make your own.

Pinterest graphic with text that reads \"Easy DIY Farmhouse Style Wreath\" and a wreath made from greenery on a white background.

Or this one from Amazon is stunning if you don’t want to DIY!

An olive wreath with dark green leaves on a white background.
A homemade tulip wreath made from faux pink and white tulips with a wooden letter R hangs on the window of a house.

And check out this stunner from Maria at House by the Preserve. So colorful and cheerful – perfect for Spring and Summer!

Neutral Colored Walls

If you’re into farmhouse style, chances are you love a good neutral. Nothing against all the gorgeous colors in the rainbow, but this decor trend tends to steer away from bright-colored walls. Of course this one is a little more permanent and definitely not as easy to switch out like a pillow or a vase.

Benjamin Moore paint sample colors on a white background, including White Dove, Agreeable Gray, Revere Pewter, and Simply White.

But paint packs a major punch when decorating. It changes the whole look of the room.  If you’re thinking of changing up the walls, here’s some ideas to consider.

White walls – I know for some people, white walls are just too stark. I love them and I love that you can add in pops of color with accessories and such. If white is just too stark, a good neutral gray will also do the trick. Some of my favorite grays and whites are listed below:

Our downstairs area is painted Revere Pewter and depending on the light and time of day, it looks light gray, tan, and sometimes almost white. It’s a perfectly neutral color and pairs well with wood tones, greens, blues, and even black.

Here’s our dining area in Revere Pewter:

A farmhouse dining room with a side table decorated for spring.

Barn Doors

Barn doors are a great way to add some farmhouse style! You can stain them, paint them, or leave them natural. My sweet friend Karianne at Thistlewood Farms had the most adorable barn door in her butler’s pantry:

A farmhouse style barn door in a pantry filled with white plates and cups.

Marty from Marty’s Musings has one of the best tutorials and hers even has a pet door! From start to finish, she shows you how to make your own barn door and it’s stunning!

A weathered farmhouse style barn door behind a dining room table decorated with fall leaves.

Hopefully you’ve found some inspiration to add your own touches of farmhouse style! There are so many ways from DIY to switching out decor to changing up the walls. Whatever works for you. Cozy and welcoming – that’s how I want my house to feel and that’s how I feel about farmhouse style – welcoming.

I’ve got a few other posts if you’re excited about adding some of this decor into your house!

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Pinterest graphic with text that reads \"7 Stunning Farmhouse Style Ideas\" and a collage of farmhouse rooms and decor.

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And thanks to my sweet Grandma and the old farmhouse and amazing dutch doors that inspired this post!Image showing farmhouse style in a home.

A Farmhouse with a tall tree in front without any leaves and a large green yard.
A Dutch-style farmhouse door on an old white house.
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