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Master Bathroom Update – Decorating

I love big projects as much as the next person. How they cost twice as much as you plan and take three times as long – what’s not to love? However, the end result is all worth it and decorating is my favorite part. Especially decorating on a budget! I couldn’t wait to get the heavy lifting done for the master bathroom so I could start adding fun stuff.

I printed a few favorite pics of the kids from Shutterfly and put them in frames I found from Goodwill years ago. The frames were previously spray painted blue so I quickly painted them one night with a $1.00 “oops” paint I got from Lowes. If you don’t scope out the “oops” section of paint, do it – I find some great deals there! I added a clock from Target above the towel rack that’s from a local vintage store.

Towels hanging from a farmhouse-style towel holder underneath a clock next a bathroom vanity.
One side done!

My side of the bathroom got a tray from Hobby Lobby to corral some jars that hold Qtips and cotton balls. I have a small trinket dish that belonged to my mother in law’s mother – It holds ponytail holders and bobby pins. The two jars came from a side of the road vintage joint and were $1.00 each. Score!

Vintage glass jars inside a farmhouse-style metal crate on a granite countertop.
Organized and pretty!

While at Hobby Lobby one day, I found the most amazing prints and knew I wanted a touch of fun in the bathroom. One problem though – the frames were a glossy bright white. And these weren’t just prints stuck in a frame – they were glued to styrofoam and the back didn’t come off. Not so fast llama/alpaca peeps – I was determined to get them out. I used a blade and carefully cut them out. I tore a tiny area of one and nearly cried in my kitchen – over a llama pic – seriously. Who does that? Anyway, I got them out and rigged them into their new frames. They are taped and rigged all kinds of ways to keep them from falling out. Whatever – it works.

Wall art next to the mirror over a bathroom vanity.
Who doesn’t want a fancy llama in the bathroom??

I found the antique sewing drawers at the Country Living Fair one year and I use them to hold all my nail polish and accessories.

One day I was on the hunt for some silver trays and scored the mother load of them from a local store right around the corner from my house – I got 6 of them for about $20! Of course, my husband didn’t quite get that one – “aren’t those supposed to go in the kitchen or something”. Why yes, they could, but why not put them on the wall? So we attached command strips to the backs and up they went. Shiplap and vintage silver trays – yes please! I also added a frame I had on hand that was once bright orangey gold (is that a color?) so I used my oops paint and up it went. There is a rusty bolt thingy and a handle I had in the garage stash so they found homes on the wall too.

Vintage trays and picture frames hang on shiplap walls above the toilet in a bathroom.

The big wall above the tub has a sign that I scored from the sidewalk sale from Between You and Me Signs.

A framed sign with a quote that reads \"There is a crack in everything. That\'s how the light gets in.\" - Leonard Cohen
New sign from Between You and Me Signs

I added a new rug from RugsUSA and some fresh bath mats from Target and we are done! It’s so much lighter and doesn’t feel like the “brown sea” anymore when you go in.

A tiled tub between two bathroom vanities underneath a large window and in front of a large ornate rug.

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