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Gorgeous Front Porch Decorating Ideas You’ll Love This Summer

It’s almost that time! Dust off the pollen and break out the patio cushions. Front porch sitting is right around the corner. Or if you live in the South like me, it’s already here! I’ve got some gorgeous front porch decorating ideas and inspiration for you today!

One of my favorite things to do in the afternoon while waiting on the bus is swing on the porch. It’s been a while since I could since we’ve been covered in pollen. But now that it’s gone, it’s time to get the decorating in gear.

I’ve changed mine up a bit this year and gone a little bolder with the color. Whether you love neutrals or bright colors, it’s easy to give your front porch some cozy and beautiful touches.

Gorgeous Front Porch Inspiration

Front Door

Add some charm to the front door with a DIY wreath or even a store-bought one. Pick up some bright flowers or greenery and add it to a simple grapevine wreath. I used my favorite faux peonies (these are seriously so cheap!)  I’ve bought a few different colors of these in the past and they don’t disappoint. 

A summer wreath with pink peonies hangs from the front door of a home.

Faux Flowers

I used a group of faux flowers I found in a yard sale to add to the metal buckets this year. It was originally a flower vase, but it was broken so she gave it to me for free! I snipped off the stems and just pushed them into the dirt in a random fashion. It gives a great pop of color on the vintage boxes!

White pink and purple faux flower arrangement in a metal container on a porch.
Summer front porch décor including a wreath with pink flowers hanging from the door and metal tins with faux flower arrangements.

Hanging Plants for the Front Porch

I’ve had too many real plants in the past and it gets overwhelming to water everything. I only added a few real plants, including my trusty Calibrachoa in the hanging planters. These plants are amazing – if you’ve never planted them, get some now!

They’re gorgeous, constantly flower, and as long as you water them and feed them a bit, they’re low maintenance. Mine are brand new in these pics, but eventually, they’ll trail over the planters and they’re just the prettiest flowers.

My front porch takes a beating from the afternoon sun, so I need container plants that love full sun out here.

Pink calibrachoa flowers in a hanging metal planter on a front porch.

Repurposed Items for Planters

And I can’t forget my vintage toolbox.  I use this along with a few other DIY Planters every year to plant a few annuals. This box came from my husband’s uncle so it’s nice to be able to use something sentimental in an unconventional way.

This year I planted impatiens in it and they’re teeny tiny because I just planted them, but they’ll spread out and fill up the whole toolbox soon. Impatiens are perfect for the partial shade on the porch and as long as I keep them watered, they thrive.

Vintage toolbox used for a planter with pink flowers on a front porch during summer.
Planter with flowers

Update – This pic above is about a month after planting the Impatiens – crazy how fast they grow!

Cozy Seating for the Front Porch Area

We were discussing front porches the other day with my mother in law and her husband and they were reminding us that people used to just sit and visit on the front porch. On Sundays, they would go drive around and if someone was out sitting, they’d stop and chat for a while.

Wouldn’t that be amazing? Sitting and chatting just because you can.

It helps with the sitting and the chatting to have some cozy seating areas on your front porch if your space allows for it. We picked up a few super comfortable chairs years ago from Garden Ridge – I don’t think it exists anymore or maybe it changed names?

The cushions were from a neighbor and they’re thick and comfortable. I found some similar options on Amazon for chairs and cushions.

A front porch with wicker chairs and planters with pink flowers.

And who can forget the porch swing? I asked for a porch swing for Mother’s Day one year and it’s one of my favorite things on the porch. It’s completely blocked from view on one side so I feel like I’m in my own little world.

We opted for a rust-proof metal version, but there are so many options depending on how much space you have.

Front porch with stone walls, a black door with a wreath, and rugs.

In total this year, I spent about $20 on our front porch for summer. There are several things I’ve got my eyes on – I need some bigger outdoor pillows for the swing and a new doormat would be lovely, but for now, it’s a pretty good summer front porch.

More Front Porch Decorating Inspiration

And I asked for help from some blogger friends in sharing more gorgeous front porch decorating ideas – everything from DIYs to plants, farmhouse style, colorful and everything in between! Be sure to visit their posts for all the fabulous details! 


More Front Porch Decorating Ideas

Hopefully, you’ve found some gorgeous front porch inspiration. No matter your style, budget, or skill level – there are ways to create an inviting and happy front porch.

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Thursday 2nd of May 2019

Wow what great ideas! I would die for a porch swing! I also love the stripped rug, the hydrangea wreath that the coastal front porch. I want them all!!!!

create and find

Friday 3rd of May 2019

Thanks Wendy! That porch swing is one of my favorite gifts ever! Aren't they great ideas? So many pretty porches!