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45 Amazing Garden Project Ideas For All Skill Levels

Whether you have acres of land or a tiny patio, there are plenty of garden project ideas for all budgets and skill levels. And gardening isn’t limited to rows of veggies. Container gardening, growing vegetables, DIYs, flower gardening, plants, and other amazing ideas you’ll love.

There are so many types of projects you can do this year that will add gorgeous color to your yard, provide a few yummy homegrown vegetables, brighten a patio space, or even just fill a bare spot in the landscaping. Whatever style “garden space” you’re working with, I’ve got a project for you!

Amazing Garden Project Ideas

Container Gardening

First up – container gardening. This can be flowers, vegetables, or plants in varying sizes of pots. You don’t have to have a huge space to have some amazing container garden projects.

Even if you have a tiny patio in a high-rise apartment, you can add some beautiful plants to make your space more enjoyable.

Try repurposing something like an old toolbox, chicken feeder, enamel bowls, watering cans, or whatever else you can make into a planter.

Planter with flowers
Pail container for plants

Grab some cheap plastic trash cans at the dollar store and turn them into large decorative planters – all you need is a can of spray paint that will adhere to plastic and is suitable for indoor/outdoor use.

Planter made from IKEA trash can

Large planters can get pretty expensive, but you can always DIY your own as The Vanderveen House did with these rustic cedar planters!

Cedar planter
photo credit The Vanderveen House

Or these DIY Wooden Planters would be perfect for a screened-in porch and faux flowers! Laura from Little Yellow Wheelbarrow has all the instructions on her blog!

Wooden planter with flowers
Credit – Little Yellow Wheelbarrow

If you can get your hands on an old pallet, you can create a DIY Pallet Planter like this pretty version from Cook, Eat, Go. I love the gorgeous color her daughter chose for this one and she’s got all the details on how to assemble it!

Pallet planter box
Credit: Cook, Eat, Go

Plant Ideas for Containers

If you need ideas for what to plant in containers, think about the size of your container and if you’re planting in full sun, shade, or part sun. Different plants like different conditions.

You can aim for plants of different heights and colors for variation or go all one color. And really, there is no wrong or right and that’s the beauty of gardening. You can do it how you like it!

Full Sun Container Plants

Perennial Plants

Plants that Bloom for Months

Maybe aim for perennials that will come back every year like these Coneflowers – my sister planted these four years ago and they return each summer just as gorgeous as ever.

Perennial coneflowers blooming

Potato vines make good trailing plants in containers and come in shades of green and purple. They grow quickly and make a perfect companion for plants like Dianthus and Calibrachoa.

I planted this combo recently in a large planter and it’s doing great. This one gets full sun all afternoon.

Flowers blooming in a planter

Window Boxes

Consider adding window boxes for your DIY garden projects this year. Check out these helpful ideas for how to plant a window box from Confessions of an Overworked Mom! She’s got some great tips on what to plant and how to do it correctly. 

garden project ideas - window boxes

DIY Building Projects

Depending on your space and your skill level, the possibilities for building are endless for garden projects. Planters, trellises, potting benches – the choices for gardening DIY projects are only limited to your time and skill. These are just a few of the options!

Garden Building Projects

Building DIYs for Your Garden Spaces

Raised Bed Gardens

A raised bed garden project is an option if you don’t have tons of space for gardening. There are lots of options to purchase raised beds in kits that you can assemble or you can build your own.

This is something that’s on my wish list for next year! One of my favorites that gets fantastic reviews is this raised bed garden kit!

I think most of us get overwhelmed at the thought of gardening for food. You don’t need to live on acres of rolling farmland to produce some delicious food from a garden. There are so many options from container vegetable gardening, raised beds, and even simple DIY Herb Gardens.

Raised Bed Gardens and Helpful Gardening Tips

DIY Inspiration for Raised Bed Gardens and Tips for a Successful Garden

Garden Craft Projects

There are tons of crafty ideas for your garden projects including garden markers, fairy gardens, and DIY garden lights. These are great ideas to involve the kids as well – let them paint rocks, build a fairy garden, paint a pot, or whatever else to get their gardening creativity flowing!

Garden Project Crafts

Whatever garden projects you decide to do, enjoy it! There’s something very satisfying about creating a beautiful outdoor space whether it’s with vegetable gardening, flower beds, container gardening, or a simple garden craft.

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Tuesday 25th of June 2019

This is a really great list -- saving for later, there's lots to go through. Thank you for including my article on vermicomposting in small spaces, like a city condo. I truly believe in it as an easy way for everyone to get involved in sustainable actions.

create and find

Wednesday 26th of June 2019

Thanks Jana! I agree with you - it's important that no matter how large or small your space is, there's a way to create impactful projects!