Playroom Makeover Week 2!

If you’re just joining in, I’m tackling our playroom for the $100 Room Challenge hosted by the fabulous Erin from Lemons, Lavender, & Laundry.  The playroom in our house is just off the kitchen and pretty much right as you come in from the garage.  It’s served us well over the last several years for crafting, Lego building, and storage for all the toys.  But my kids have outgrown some of it and it needed a good purge, along with some updated furniture to fit them better.
Be sure to check out all my plans for the room – click here.  Of course I’d love to completely revamp this space into a homework, crafting, media area for them, but it’s just not happening right now financially.  So instead, I’ve got big hopes for some very budget friendly DIY projects since I’ve got to stick to $100 or less.


The biggest change in the room is going to be painting.  The green “before” color just isn’t working in here.  It looks amazing for about 30 minutes each day and then it turns to baby food mixed with Mountain Dew color the rest of the day.  After we painted it this color, we both just knew it was wrong.  But 2 gallons of paint and the effort we put in meant it was staying for a while. And just in case you want to refresh your scary memories from the before pics – you’re welcome!
playroom challenge

I’m not completely done with the painting yet, so there’s not much to see this week.  Work/life/decluttering kind of took over this week, so I’ve got to do the second coat and then I can check that off the list.  It also didn’t help that I got all ready to paint this morning and couldn’t find the paint roller.  Seriously – who does this?  Start a big project.  Lose something and have to spend money to replace it.  Yuck.

I do have a little before and after from the first coat of paint.  And I’ll admit – the green is a much happier color than the white, but I can promise you, it’s just not a good color for the majority of the day.  It needed to go.  And it was late afternoon with no natural light and still tons of green showing through.  So it’s a little difficult to tell that it’s actually better than the before pic!

playroom makeover progress paint

And if you’re new to DIY, don’t be afraid to paint!  It’s a game changer.  Tedious, but worth it!  Check out my Top 10 Painting Supplies that are pretty much in my garage at all times!

playroom paint makeover


And let’s just talk about the clutter.  I’m betting that if you have kids you know just how hard it is to contain the toys.  I try to clean out regularly, but it still gets overwhelming.   Be sure to check out my favorite ideas for toy storage here!

Especially when the kids are little, it’s tough to get rid of stuff. However, once we started this decluttering process, I was overwhelmed at all the unused stuff and just plain junk!  My kids were super helpful with this part and I was pretty darn impressed with how much they are willing to part with.

One of the biggest changes is taking out two of the bookshelves and moving the Lego sets upstairs to my son’s room.  If Legos are taking over your house, be sure to check out my Lego Storage solutions – here!

lego storage shelf

Here’s the room all cleaned out!  Except the closet – that’s all the stuff that’s staying and has to find a home somewhere in the room when it’s done.

playroom declutter challenge playroom declutter challenge playroom decluttering challenge

And as of tonight as I’m writing this, I was able to sell the green table and the kids chairs and two bookshelves are out of the room!  It’s so much lighter in there already!


  • Paint roller (because I couldn’t find ours anywhere and had to replace it) $14.43
  • Paint Tray Liners $6.45
  • Paint – Free (*it was left over from our master bedroom makeover and I’ve got just enough for two coats!)

TOTAL: $20.88

Stay tuned for week 3 and the fun parts!!  The DIY projects – I’ve got a nerf gun wall, DIY desk, furniture makeovers, and hopefully some DIY shelving coming up!  And don’t forget to check out all the other bloggers and their progress with the $100 Room Challenge!

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32 thoughts on “Playroom Makeover Week 2!”

    1. Thank you Patti – we’re using the same trim color that our builder used throughout the house on the doors and trim. It’s funny because if you look at the color swatch, it looks brown. Definitely not bright white, but I’m loving it more than the green for sure!

  1. The new paint color really brightens it up. And the Legos … all the Legos! I feel ya. Ha ha! Mine doesn’t play with his as much now that he is older but we have 3 huge bins full of them.

    1. Yes Gabby! I’m not alone! We have two bins – one is in the attic of random pieces that he just won’t part with and the other is in his room. You know what though – both kids spent an evening up in his room the other night just building from that bin of random Legos! I’m cool with it since they are still using them. I just don’t know why we need eleventy billion of them:)

  2. The legos look great in your sons room! We have a million sets over here too. I can’t wait to see the Nerf storage. We have so many guns and supplies in our playroom.

    1. My life is overrun with Legos and Nerfs – at least I can keep them organized! I’m so happy to have the tedious painting done and get moving on the fun stuff!

    1. Yep – that pretty much accurately describes it. It’s such a bummer because it was a gorgeous color in my friend’s house when we first saw it. I just needed a fresh neutral so I can add some fun play colors.

  3. Baby food mixed with mountain dew!!! OMG, Rolling right now. That is too funny. You have really high ceilings there! And I like the white paint. It gives it a very clean look. It’s going to be amazing!

    1. I actually had a different description in mind but it wasn’t very blog friendly – ha! I finished painting yesterday and it’s so much better already!

    1. Thanks Maria! So far, I’m way under budget with what I’ve sold so far! Playrooms are so tough especially when they are really young because the toys take up more space!

  4. I’m totally with you on the green. I’m covering up a green wall that I once painted with some wallpaper, and literally cannot wait until it’s gone. It’s in a room where I photograph a ot of stuff and the green always gets in the way.

    1. Yes!! It just didn’t work at all and we both hated it the second it was done several years ago, and I am so happy it’s gone! I completely agree – it just gets in the way!

    1. It could’ve been a cool color – it just didn’t work at all in here. I was so happy to see it go! Legos – Love them, but man, they take up some serious real estate in a house!

  5. I always feel like the clean out and organizing is the absolute worst part, so that means, you’re practically done, right? 🙂 It’s going to look so good!

  6. Wow! Your decluttering challenge and this playroom makeover!! You are one busy girl! Great job so far on the playroom. Looks so bright now.
    BTW, so you don’t have to spend money on tray liners next time you are out… line your trays with tin foil. I do it all the time now and love it. Just by the large width of foil and have it on hand. Way cheaper. 🙂

    1. Thanks Debbie! I have been busy but it’s been so good! And so funny you mention the foil! That’s in my post this week! I only had to buy the liners for the large trays. I’m too messy of a painter to foil those, but I definitely use it for the smaller trays. Thanks though – I’ll always take tips!

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