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Outdoor Pot Painting Ideas – How To Save Money On Planters

If you’re like me, you’ve probably got a few random planters sitting around just waiting on Mother Nature to be nice enough to us to add some life to them!  I have a few that were dangerously close to getting tossed in the “get rid of” pile.  You know those ones that have been sitting around peeling and chipping, looking like a hot mess that no plant would want to call home.  Well, DecoArt paint came to the rescue!  I’ve got some outdoor pot painting ideas for you today.  Save money by updating those old sad pots and add some color to your porches.

Antique Buffet Makeover – Classic and Simple

I’ve been debating on painting a buffet that’s been in my house for a few years now.  And all that time, I’ve never really liked it.  I painted it at least 4 times, never quite got it right, and it had some lumps and weird spots.  And to top it off, I added dark wax to it over white paint which I’ve discovered I don’t like at all because I’m just terrible with wax!  It looks like someone tried to wipe it down with their dirty hands.  Needless to say, it was time.  Time to fix this eyesore that drove me nuts.  Time for a buffet makeover.

Modern Farmhouse Rugs (You Can Actually Afford!)

I’ve been on a decor inspiration kick lately and this time it’s rugs.  My hubs would call me a habitual rug shopper.  I’m pretty sure we’ve had more than our share of rugs in this house in the last 5 years.  But – I’m extremely thrifty when it comes to rug shopping.  There are no $2000 rugs in this house and since we have kids and a dog, the likelihood that there ever will be a less than thrifty rug here is pretty slim.  So I’ve got some modern farmhouse rugs for you – several of these I either own or have owned so I can attest to their quality and they’re affordable!

Amazing Kitchen Makeovers You Have to See!

Kitchen sell houses.  That’s what I hear from my real estate agent husband.  Well, kitchens and bathrooms if I’m being honest.  If you’ve got a kitchen to remodel in your future whether it’s a DIY or hired out, I’ve got some amazing kitchen makeovers you have to see!    This is a must-see list with all styles of kitchens!  I’ve put together an extensive group of remodels, updates, complete gut jobs, and DIY kitchen makeovers that will give you endless inspiration!  

Bathroom Organization Ideas

I’m on the final weeks of my 8 Week Declutter Challenge and this week is about bathroom organization.  Here’s what I learned when cleaning out my bathroom cabinets:  Apparently I’m a product hoarder and a travel bag hoarder.  And I don’t even travel that much and I use the same stuff pretty much daily.  Clearly, not very adventurous.  So why did I have all that junk?  Because it’s easy to just toss stuff in drawers or cabinets and forget about it.  But I cleaned it all out and ended up with some much-needed free space!  I’ve got some organizing ideas and 10 things you’ve got to toss out of the bathroom!

Create a Modern Farmhouse Living Room

How to Create a Modern Farmhouse Living Room – When you don’t live in a farmhouse!

Modern farmhouse decor is super popular right now and I agree.  I happen to love this style.  To me, it’s cozy and inviting, neutral (mostly), and can have a mix of new and vintage items.  Of course, I also believe that you should decorate how you want, for your house, and what works for your family.  Which is why I don’t see any reason you can’t create a modern farmhouse living room, or any other room for that matter –  even if you don’t live in a farmhouse.

Simple Spring Dining Room

Spring is definitely one of my favorite times of the year.  I’m done with the cold and it feels great to add some spring to my house!  This week, I’m excited to be sharing a little more of my spring decorating.  We spend a lot of time in our dining room and it was time for a refresh from all the neutrals in there.  So this week it’s all about a simple spring dining room.  Nothing fancy or extravagant.  Just some simple changes to add some color into our house.  I keep things pretty neutral but lately I’ve been craving some color.  Who knows?  Maybe my style is changing yet again.  A special thanks to Jenna from Wife In Progress Blog for hosting the Styled For Home Spring Home Tour.   And if you’re visiting from Kelly’s beautiful home at The Tattered Pew, welcome!  Isn’t her style amazing??

22 Gorgeous Farmhouse Light Fixtures

It seems farmhouse style is hanging around for quite a while and I love it.  I know it’s not everyone’s cup of tea and certainly not everyone lives in a rustic farmhouse.  However, I believe you can decorate your own home for you.  Even if you live in a builder grade house like me, it’s not hard to inject some of you own personality, no matter what style you love.  I’ve been searching for some perfect farmhouse light fixtures for a sweet friend and thought I’d share them with you!

Simple Spring Decorations

Spring is on my mind!  A few warm days and bam!  I think it should be sunny and 75 every day.  Not so much according to Mother Nature, but I can still wish.  I don’t completely change out all my decorations for every season for many reasons – time, money, storage, the list goes on.  But I do like to freshen it up a bit around the house when it starts to get warmer out.  And this year I’m going with simple spring decorations. I’m excited to be participating in the Color Loving Spring Home Tour with several other talented bloggers.  A special thanks to Carrie from LovelyEtc for hosting!   Be sure to check out all the colorful and fun inspiration at the end of the post.

The Best Cleaning Supplies to Make Your Life Easier

Since spring is right around the corner, that means spring cleaning.  I’ve been working hard to rid my house of clutter (which is amazing by the way).  I highly recommend getting rid of stuff that just takes up real estate in your house that you don’t need.  But, I also realize that my cleaning skills kind of suck.  Our house is pretty neat and organized, but it can definitely use a good cleaning.  So that’s my next goal.  I’ve got several of the best cleaning supplies that will definitely make your life easier!

Painting Tile Backsplash – See How It Looks A Year Later

Do you ever want to attempt a DIY project, but you’re not sure how it’ll stand the test of time?  That was my dilemma when I wanted to paint our kitchen tile backsplash.   When we moved into our house, I knew eventually I would attempt to change our kitchen a bit.  Nothing drastic – no gut jobs or ripping stuff out because that’s just not in the budget right now.  But, one of my least favorite parts of the kitchen was the tile backsplash.  I researched it and a few years ago, I decided to just go for it.  So I thought it would be helpful to give an update about painting tile backsplash.

DIY Spring Art

I’ve been working on changing some decor as the temps creep up (slowly but surely).   Every year about this time, I start to get super antsy for fresh flowers and green things.  And I know it’s still a few months before we have the real thing, so I decided to DIY my own using faux greenery. You can make an easy DIY spring art project using scrap wood and any kind of greenery you like.

Spring Decor for $20 or Less

Spring is coming and I couldn’t be happier.  I am just not a cold weather person.  Give me one or two snow days to see the pretty stuff and I’m over the frigid air.  Temps are starting to creep up and the forsythia is blooming which means I can add some spring decor to my house!  But per usual with this blog of mine, I’m here to share some budget friendly ways you can do it.

Vintage Desk Makeover

Vintage Desk Makeover – How to Go From Subtle to Showy

It’s been a while since I painted furniture just to paint.  It’s how I got into this whole DIY business and I forgot how much I enjoy just painting.  If you’re thinking about trying it, just start.  It’s only paint.  Maybe don’t start with Grandma’s precious heirlooms, but search the thrift stores, online yard sales, or even ask your friends if they’ve got anything that’s going to the donation pile.  Paint is one of the most affordable tools in your crafting stash.  It can work wonders on old outdated pieces, and it’s not hard to learn.   I’ve seen a lot of amazing green furniture makeovers lately, and I picked up some hunter green paint for a vintage desk makeover.