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Amazing Unicorn and Llama Decor

I don’t know what it is about unicorns and llamas.   One of them I’ll never see outside of my imagination and the other has just become “cool” in the last year or so it seems.  It’s funny how certain animals become the “it animal” of the year.  Cows, pigs, foxes – they’ve all had their day in the sun.  But for now, it’s unicorns and llamas (we’re including Alpacas in this list too!) and I’ve got some fun and amazing unicorn and llama decor if you love them too! …

9 DIY Halloween Decorations You’ll Want to Make

It’s almost that time!  Spooky, creepy, fun, festive – whatever you think of Halloween, it’s a crazy fun holiday to decorate for.  If you love all things ghosts and creepiness – this one’s for you!  I’ve got 9 amazing DIY Halloween Decorations you can make yourself to up the festive factor for all those eager little kiddos sneaking around for candy!

Fall Decorating Ideas

12 Stunning Fall Decorating Ideas You’ll Love This Year!

It’s hard to believe I’m even writing about fall.  It’s still hot here in Georgia, but I know it’s coming.  Football, tailgates, fall colors, and pumpkins.  They will all be here before I know it and  I’ve been thinking of making some small changes to the house to get ready.  So here’s my inspiration with 12 stunning fall decorating ideas to get started.  If I could have a magical fall fairy, I’d ask her to bring all 12 of these!

DIY Miranda Sings Costume

Halloween is one of my faves.  Seriously – dressing up, pretending, Reese’s, and yeah, fun for the kids too.  My kids love Halloween as much as I do and every year we have a blast deciding on costumes.  But costumes get expensive.  And if I can DIY a costume and save some cash, that’s more money to spend on Reese’s.  This one is one of the funniest we’ve made for my daughter.  A DIY Miranda Sings Costume!

DIY Farmhouse Decor

Farmhouse decor is everywhere right now thanks to the lovely peeps at “Fixer Upper”.  And it doesn’t take much to start adding some of this hot trend to your own house.  You don’t have to spend a fortune to get some old school charm and you don’t have to have mad DIY skills.  Check out these amazing DIY Farmhouse Decor ideas to get started!

Easy and Cheap Rustic Planter

This is an easy, simple DIY that anyone can do – add some farmhouse charm with this rustic planter.  And no green thumb necessary.  Just fill it with faux greenery or flowers and you don’t even have to water it!  I happened to find a basic wooden planter box at the Target Dollar Spot recently (that dang spot gets me every time!).  So I gave it a tiny makeover using basic craft store supplies I had on hand.

DIY Hoop wreath

Stunning DIY Shiplap Walls

Fixer Upper is over, but that doesn’t mean we can’t keep embracing our inner JoJo and loving shiplap!  Now I know – this trend isn’t for everyone.  In fact, I’ve seen several comments that shiplap will be the pine paneling of the of the past.  And everyone will be scrambling to undo all these planked walls in the future.  Who knows?  All I know is I love this trend.  To me, it’s timeless and classic and looks amazing.  And it’s completely doable for all you DIY’ers out there!  Check out these stunning DIY shiplap walls and get your own planks on the wall!

DIY Fire Pit Ideas

Perfect weather means it’s a perfect time to build a fire pit.  This is something that’s on my wish list this year.  I know we’ll be building our own when the time comes so I’ve started searching for inspiration.   I’ve got a list of several DIY fire pit ideas that range from simple and basic to slightly more complex.  Plenty of budget friendly options as well!

Painting Terracotta Pots – How To Make This Easy DIY!

This is one of my favorite pot makeovers to date!  I love finding new ways to update old planters and this idea of painting terracotta pots is so affordable!  You can find these pots at virtually any dollar store, Target, Wal-Mart, or any home and garden store.  Thrift stores and junk stores are great places to find them too and will definitely save you a few bucks!

Cleaning Hacks To Make Your Life Easier

Cleaning.  It’s kind of a suck fest.  Don’t get me wrong.  I love a clean house and I do a decent job.  But.  Everyone can use a few “cleaning hacks” in their life.  Something to make it a little easier, maybe a little cheaper but still get the job done.  It’s one of those necessary parts of owning a home, renting a home, or whatever.  Doesn’t matter where you live or how big your house is – a clean house is a good house.

Seven Stunning Ways to Add Farmhouse Style

Farmhouse style has become one of the hottest design trends lately.  (thank you very much Fixer Upper!).  And the good news is you can easily incorporate this style no matter what kind of house you have.  I’m a firm believer that if you love it and it works for you and your house, then go for it.  Even if you don’t have that perfect white farmhouse on 20 acres of gorgeous land, it’s easy to add a few details here and there to add some farm charm!  Check out these 7 stunning ways to add farmhouse style and get some ideas for your own house!

Thrifty DIY project - black dresser makeover

How To Make Dated Look Sophisticated – Black Dresser Makeover

Here’s the lovely thing about refinishing furniture.  Once you start doing it, you will find some very generous friends that will donate their old stuff to you just to get it out of their garage.  That’s what happened with this black dresser (well technically I think it’s a chest of drawers, but I pretty much refer to anything that holds clothes as a dresser).  If you need to get fancy about it, a dresser is wider than it is tall and a chest of drawers is exactly that – a chest full of drawers.  But I’m not fancy so dresser it is.  Anyway, this black dresser makeover is in my top 5 favorites of furniture makeovers I’ve done.

Outdoor Pot Painting Ideas – How To Save Money On Planters

If you’re like me, you’ve probably got a few random planters sitting around just waiting on Mother Nature to be nice enough to us to add some life to them!  I have a few that were dangerously close to getting tossed in the “get rid of” pile.  You know those ones that have been sitting around peeling and chipping, looking like a hot mess that no plant would want to call home.  Well, DecoArt paint came to the rescue!  I’ve got some outdoor pot painting ideas for you today.  Save money by updating those old sad pots and add some color to your porches.