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Favorite DIY Projects of 2018

It’s been a year of DIY and new adventures for me here at Create and Find. I changed my blog name. And included new topics like gardening and food. And I’ve also done some pretty cool projects this year. Some of which I didn’t think were going to turn out but surprised me instead. Check out my favorite DIY projects of 2018!

Pinterest graphic with text that reads \"2018 Top DIY Projects\" And a collage of DIY projects, including a potted plant, painted side board, side table, and dining table.

Sometimes I start a project thinking there’s no way I can do this. I don’t have the skills or the means to complete it. But then it’s done and I’m so happy I tried. Don’t be afraid to try something new that’s out of your comfort zone. That was the case with this DIY Farmhouse Table.

DIY Farmhouse Table

I promised my sister a table. Kind of opened my mouth and said “sure, I can do that” before I actually knew if it was possible. But, after watching a lot of tutorials, some amazing inspiration from others, and lots of help from the hubs and I had a table! But the best part is, it was hundreds of dollars less than buying new!

DIY Farmhouse Table made for less than $150

Painting Over Wallpaper

And sometimes I just wing it and hope it turns out like I think it will. Before I built the table for my sister, we had to get rid of some hideous 1980’s wallpaper that involved lots of ducks! This stuff wasn’t coming off and I didn’t know what the outcome would be if I painted over it. But I put a lot of effort and paint fumes into it and it was a new space with only paint!

I highly recommend painting over wallpaper. It worked like a charm and completely updated her dining room! Definitely check out the post to see the before!!

\"Gather\" wall sign

Playroom Makeover

This playroom makeover is one of my favorite room makeovers to date. I completed this last January with a budget of $100 and came in way under budget thanks to selling unused items and repurposing. We’ve got a DIY Desk that gets used almost daily, a nerf gun wall, a craft cabinet, and more room to grow as my kids need.

A desk with two blue chairs in a children\'s playroom.

Antique Table Makeover

And sometimes it doesn’t have to be dramatic and time-consuming to turn out great! I had a small table that I’d painted over a few times and just didn’t love it. I definitely don’t always get it right on the first try. But a new paint color and a few hours of work and this little table turned out a fave!Antique Side Table Makeover - \"After\" picture

Antique Buffet Makeover

This buffet is another one of those “try, try, and try again” projects. I spent more time on this thing than I should have. But it’s such a functional piece and we use the storage, so I’m glad I kept going. New hardware and finally a paint job that I loved and I can cross this project off the list!Closeup of a buffet after it was painted and refinished

DIY Baby/Dog Gate

We finally have a DIY gate to keep our aging dog from going upstairs. Poor Charlie is almost 13 and he can go upstairs, but can’t get down. This is a problem since he’s about 83 pounds! We had a chair turned over on its side for months before we finally built the gate.  You can see the full tutorial here.A white baby gate closes off the bottom of stairs in a home.

DIY Loft Bed Makeover

This is a project that we finally finished and my little girl couldn’t be happier with her new loft bed. Semi new I guess is a better term. I found a loft bed on the online yard sale but it needed a lot of modifying and paint. It was a huge project but it saved us hundreds of dollars compared to buying new or building completely from scratch.A bunk bed with space underneath for chairs decorated with a unicorn head and blue curtains.

DIY Planter Makeover

And this one is super simple, cheap, and makes a big difference in a plain planter. You can find these at any vintage store, or garden center, or you may even have some in the garage. This little pot is one of my favorites and it was so easy!

Painted terra cotta pot


So that’s a little sample of my favorite DIY projects from 2018! You can check out 2017 here for more DIY ideas! And don’t forget to pin it for later!Pinterest graphic with text that reads \"2018 Top DIY Projects\" and an image collage of DIY projects, including a loft bed and homemade dining table.

Pinterest graphic with text that reads \"2018 Top DIY Projects\" and a collage of refurbished and homemade furniture pieces.

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Wednesday 2nd of January 2019

You did a lot of projects! I can’t decide which I like best betweeen the playroom and the farmhouse table! That nerf gun wall was the best! Can’t wait to see what you do next year.


Wednesday 2nd of January 2019

Thanks Wendy! The nerf gun wall was definitely one of my faves too!